H2 Builders Receives Magnificent Client Letter

H2 Builders Receives Magnificent Client Letter


Dear Todd:


As you know, we have been in our new home for six weeks and it seems an appropriate time to thank you and the H2 team for the wonderful  job you did building our house.

We were most reluctant to build a home having heard all the stories about the challenges, the host of decisions needed, the cost overruns, delays, etc. Having found the perfect lot, however, we decided that we had to take on the project to try and get the house we wanted built there.  We interviewed five builders and the smartest decision, by far, that we made in the process was choosing H2 to help us build our dream.

Your team is exceptional and there is simply no other way to state it. The process from beginning to end, from discussions and decisions made with Gus and his team right through  the choices made in concert with your suppliers and sub-contractors was simple, easy and enjoyable. Rather than dreading meetings, we looked forward to them because everyone with whom we worked was pleasant, helpful and informative.

The building team can't be praised enough.  The supervisor assigned to our house, Brad Todt, was handed a major challenge right away in the form of two bald eagles that love our lot as much as we do and who set up house in a tree in our back yard and boy, did they bring baggage with them.  The presence of a representative of the SC Department of Natural Resources throughout the project whose sole purpose was protecting the eagles' habitat made Brad's job twice as hard as the usual build.

 He soldiered on, however, and spent countless hours insuring the job was done to   perfection and that the DNR was satisfied that all was well with their wards. The short version is, Brad built one heck of a house for us and we couldn't be more pleased.  No added costs, no frustrations, no worries and he got the job done TWO MONTHS EARLY.

We waited a few weeks before writing this letter because we wanted to live in the house for a time, see if all the glitz and glamour is substantive. We wanted to live with the incredibly beautiful finishes you built to see if they stand up to day-to-day living; to see if the doors still hang in perfect balance after daily use, see if the switches switch and the lights light and the water flows; to see if the house lives as beautifully as it looks and we are happy to say that it most certainly does.  Indeed, our punch list will be so short that there won't be any punch in it.  More of a friendly little tap list, really.  When H2 says your house is ready to live in, it really is ready to live in.

Again, thanks to you and your team.  We truly enjoyed the building process with you and absolutely love our new home.  Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to your team for making our dream a reality and for becoming our friends in the process.

Please be assured that if you ever want to use our house as an example of the exceptional quality of your work, you are most welcome to do so.


 John  and Lyn

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