July 2015 – Belfair Featured Home

Click Here for Virtual Magazine  Some newlyweds travel or take up a new hobby; Barry and Amy Kydd built a new house together. Their search for a place to retire began while Barry was winding down his career in New Jersey and Amy was living in Toronto. They knew they wanted to be close to the water and eventually settled on Belfair and Bluffton. Building a house was never their intention. They Oakshad planned to buy an existing home and fix it up. considered building. “Falling in love with the lot is really what made us take the leap,” said Barry. “It’s rather unique for Belfair in that it has a long driveway. It sits right on Hidden Lake and the 12th hole of the golf course. “ Barry, born and raised in India has lived and worked around the world. Amy grew up in the Philippines and has lived in Hong Kong and other countries. So they wanted to find a community with residents who had a similar international background. “Belfair just gives off a positive energy that’s very appealing. And the surrounding land and landscaping has a mature feel that’s comforting,” said Barry. The Kydds picked the design and floor plan of a home H2 Builders had previously built. They enlarged and modified it a bit to put their own stamp on it. The result is a stunning single level, three-bedroom home with an open floor plan. It’s painted in neutral colors to optimize the beauty of the surrounding lot and reflective light. As you enter through the front door, the home has a seamless flow right out to the lake in the backyard. “We don’t have a big family; it’s just us and a cat. We wanted something very manageable,” said Barry. The Kydds curved the garage so it feels as if the house is “giving you a hug” as you come up the driveway. “The porch is our favorite part of the house. It truly feels like indoor/outdoor living. And there’s constant entertainment watching the different birds fly in and out of the lake and spotting the alligators that used to sun themselves on our empty lot.” As for landscaping, they kept the palmetto trees that were native to the lot. Amy has added splashes of color to the garden with roses and other flowers the deer won’t eat. The Kydds have quickly settled into Lowcountry life. Amy loves working out in Belfair’s gym while Barry is a swimmer. Both enjoy the beach and look forward to exploring Savannah, Beaufort and the surrounding area. All in all, building a house was a much more enjoyable experience than expected. “Especially now that we’re reaping the fruits of our labor, we know it was all worth it.” said Barry.

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    What Homeowners are Saying

    “We would like to say thank you for making our house building experience great. Our house is beautiful and has been admired by many people visiting Hilton Head Lakes. We know each and every one of you contributed in some way…”

    ~Al and Jane

    “Yes it IS a BEAUTIFUL house!! We remain VERY happy with our H2 experience! Brad is doing a great job for us and we are very pleased with the high quality of workmanship and appreciative of the great customer focus.”

    ~Randy & Jan

    “We are always happy to help in any way so if you have a potential client, please let us know, we love sharing our home experience with them. Our experience with h2 and all of you was the absolute best! Thank you! Thank you!”

    ~Rose and Gary

    “We are very proud of our home, and not at all shy in telling our friends at Berkeley Hall that it was built by H2, and what a good experience it was…”

    ~Dennis and Karen

    “I can walk into a home and tell immediately it is an H2 home solely based on the attention to detail. All of the local inspectors know their attics are a dead giveaway as to who built the home.”

    ~Bill Dickerson, Quality Home Inspections

    “As a company, you have demonstrated something that is rare in business today – integrity, fairness, and honesty. Every day we live in our new home, we will thank our fortunes for finding H2 Builders.”


    “We consider ourselves very fortunate to have built our dream home at this point in our lives. H2 played a big part in helping that dream come true. Every member of the H2 team contributed to the remarkable outcome. Thanks again for everything.”

    ~Ray & Barbara

    “The workmanship of your staff is excellent combined with the synergy of your supervising and organizing made for a very positive experience. As you know, we have built and remodeled numerous homes and found this to be our best all around.”

    ~John & Kathy